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blahhh I am so bored right now. It sucks because I should be out… - ShEs JuSt wAiTiNg fOr ThE sUmMeR TiMe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 10th, 2004|11:06 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |crankycranky]

blahhh I am so bored right now. It sucks because I should be out since I don't have school tomorrow but I'm nottt.

I've been sick the past 2 days which sucks. On Monday I was okay, I went to school and then went to work and that sucked. It was so dead, and as I was leaving early 2 freaking old ladies wanted to sit and Mike let them.. I was pissed. Then I got a coffee at Brownstones and waited for Devin in his car and me and Ronny talked on the phone. On Tuesday I woke up and I felt like shiiiit so I didn't go to school, I just layed around the house all day. My mom made me go to Drivers Ed, I HATE drivers ed btw. Then I went home and had dinner.. then I watched Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, I <3 those shows.

Thenn today I felt like crap but my mom made me go to school since I'm missing Friday.. I had a quarterly in Forsenics and just the whole day I was doing all these work that I missed. So yeah I felt like shit. Then I finally got home and I just relaxed. My mom said I didnt have to go to work so I didnt go thank God. Then Devin came over and we just layed around and watched TV because I felt sick :-( After dinner we went to Target and I got the Britney Spears Greatest Hits cd and the new Vanessa Carlton cd and right now I'm downloading both of them onto my iPod. yayyy I love my iPod.

Soo right now I'm pretty bored and pretty damn shocked and pretty fucking dissapointed. Wow yeah can't even believe this is actually going on.. iLu Dev I hope everything works out babe<3 Okay I'm gonna go I'm so BORED this post was pointless. byee<33