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Tomorrow I have to take my SAT's which sucks. It will be my second… - ShEs JuSt wAiTiNg fOr ThE sUmMeR TiMe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 8th, 2004|02:22 pm]
Tomorrow I have to take my SAT's which sucks. It will be my second time -- last time I got a 1060 but I want to get like at least an 1100 this time. Devin got an 1160 and he's trying to get 1200. :-( I wish I could go up that high but I can't.. and I have to take the ACT's and the SAT II's in November.. which really sucks..

I came home early today, the beginning of 3rd period cause I didn't feel good.. idk I felt okay enough to stay in school but like I really didn't feel like it.. I woke up this morning and I just didn't feel like going to school.. I was like exhausteddd and I didn't want to get out of bed... I didn't get out of bed till like almost 7:20 and then I pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt n I pulled my hair back so I looked like shiiit.. n then I was late to English. We're reading this fucking retarded story about this guy who turns into a cockroach?? idk its so stupid.. AP English is retarded.

I realllly wanna go to a haunted house this weekend.. cause there are like 3 I wanna go to.. I hope I go. I have to work tonight cause Kait's sick n I need the money.. I don't feel like ittt.

I watched Dirty Dancing Havana Nights while I was home n I thought it was stupiddd. And I saw the new Lindsay Lohan video, I liked it. Annnnd thats like all I did n I slept..

My birthday is coming up, I'm not having a party this year cause idk I'm only turning 17 n I feel retarded having a party for that.. sooo idk what I'm doing on my birthday.. Halloween's on a Sunday this year that suckss. I usually work on Sundays but I told my boss I needed off cause it was my birthday.

Alright I'm gonna go I have to prep for the SAT's :-(. I hateee schooooooool. Yesterday was the college fair n it seems like every college is so hard to get into n I hate it. I wanna go to NYU n Fordham soooooooooooo bad but thats NOT gonna happen. On Monday I have to go visit stupid Purchase n I don't even wanna go there. Ughhh.. I'll write later.. bye<3

[User Picture]From: cherrylips411
2004-10-08 09:05 pm (UTC)
Hey! It's Jenni (JenJen4Life on DJ) I just wanted to tell you that I added you over here. :D ♥
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From: bigjames73
2004-10-08 10:23 pm (UTC)

Happy Halloween

JESSICABOOTH!!!!!.............................................................................................................we have the same birthday..............that is all, good night<3
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[User Picture]From: xo_sunkissed_ox
2004-10-09 09:50 am (UTC)

Re: Happy Halloween

haha yes we do.
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-10-09 12:09 pm (UTC)
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-10-15 01:08 pm (UTC)
I read that story in English too. It actually really scared me. I don't ever wanna turn into a giant cochroach! But it was a good story about communication and accepting differences. :)

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[User Picture]From: xo_sunkissed_ox
2004-10-15 08:23 pm (UTC)
who is this?
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-10-16 05:48 pm (UTC)
The name's Raquel. We don't know each other. :o)
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