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[Nov. 14th, 2004|09:06 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |chipperchipper]
[*sounds of the beach* |private radio - vanessa carlton]

Current favorite song of the moment: Annie by Vanessa Carlton

Soo this weekend has been okay.. I've been sick basically all week since Tuesday. I hardly went to school. I missed Tuesday cause I didn't feel good and then I went Wednesday and then Thursday we had off and I missed Friday to go to the city. So why did I even bother going in on Wednesday? I have no idea.

This weekend was full of open houses. Thats always fun. *sarcasm* On Friday I woke up early to go to the city (Manhattan)with my mom. We took an early train. Unfortunately it rained, actually poured, the entire day. But it was okay. We got out of Penn Station and walked around. We went into a few little shops that I didn't catch the names of. Then we went into H&M, I love that store. We walked around a little more and then decided to get a cab and go into Soho. Let me just say, I love it there. We ended up going into Little Italy. I love it there too. We went into an adorable restuarant, of course all the Italian guys fawn all over you, and we got a nice lunch. Then we walked all the way to NYU for an open house. ...my dream school. Ah God it was so beautiful. It was like perfect. There are so many good things that I could say about this place. I loved it. Lets just keep it at that. Oh and, 34000 people applied last year and 9000 got in. So yeah, I have no chance.

I got an NYU sweatshirt at the bookstore and then we went on our way back to Times Square. We went into Macys which was beautifully decorated for Christmas already, pretty crazy. I picked out 2 Christmas gifts, so cute. By that time it was pretty late, so we rushed to get our train. We went home soaking wet but happy, except I was sad about never getting to go to NYU. Then I had dinner and decided to go to Olivia's basketball game. It was cute, I actually got into it. Then I met Devin at Brownstones. I felt like crap so I went home at 10 and went to sleep. Boring night.

On Saturday I had to get up early yet again to go to the Fordham at Lincoln Center open house in the city. I liked it, but of course I like NYU better. It was a very nice school, and the dorm rooms were so much nicer than I thought they would be... each dorm room has its own kitchen. hah yeah. Then me, my mom and my dad went to Cosi's for lunch. They have the best sandwiches ever there. We went home and I felt like such shit. I layed down on my couch with my pillows and blanket and watched Mean Girls. I love that movie. Then Devin came over and we just hung out. It was fun. Then I fell asleep and he left, and I went to go babysit for the night.

Today was yet another open house, this time at Hofstra. I knew I would love it because I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember. Me and my mom ended up sitting right next to Sarah and Ellen so we basically spent the whole time with them. So that was cool. We went to some of the sessions, got lunch and visited a dorm. hah I wanted to find out so bad if you could have guys sleep over at your dorm but I couldn't ask because my mom was right there. So then I came home and just read by the fire and then went to work which was okay. Now I'm home.

1. What is the most trouble you've ever gotten into? umm.. I want to say it was when I had a party in 9th grade when my parents went away, but I'm not totally sure. It might actually have been when they found out I was failing math.
2. What kind of grades do you get in school? I guess average.. I guess I would say in the 80's. My regular average is 85 and my weighted average is 94.
3. If you could go to only one foreign place, where would it be and why? Italy definitely. Because I'm Italian and because I've always wanted to go to Europe and visit Italy. A lot of my family has gone there and they all love it. Plus I hear the food is great.
4. How many pairs of shoes do you own? even though I love shoes, I don't own as many as I wish I did. Lets see.. I think I own about 9, not counting sandals, which I have about 20 of.
5. How long do you think you and Devin will be together? I hope we'll be together a long time -- maybe forever. :-)

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