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they say im c r a z y -- iReaLLydOntcAre [Oct. 24th, 2004|10:23 am]
[*beach-y mood* |relaxedrelaxed]

Hii. I never know how to start my journal posts.. yeaah okay.

This week has been okay. It was Spirit Week.. Monday was pajama day nd thats my favorite day because its so comfortable. I wore the cutest Betty Boop pajamas and matching slippers and I wanted to go to sleep during all my classes. I didn't really dress up the rest of the week because the things were pretty stupid but I did Red and Gray day. I just wore my seniors jersey. That was on Friday nd after school we had the pep rally. Oh yeah but before thaaaat.. Devin ran over a cat!!!!!!!! omgg it was so horrible. He was driving Melanie home to get something nd a cat ran out in front of the car nd he swerved all the way over to the other side of the street but the cat kept going.. nd I swear I felt it hit the car nd Melanie said she saw fur flying in front of the car :-( I was like omg CAT KILLER. yeah so after all the excitement we went to the pep rally. Sat in the senior section of course nd everyone was acting crazy. They like painted their faces nd everything. Homecoming King was announced, it was Darrel.. idk how to spell his name right. Then after the pep rally I went home nd did some stuff.

I went to Olivia's basketball game for like 20 minutes nd then Vicky picked me up nd we went to a haunted house in North Lindenhurst. It was scarrry. We were like grabbing onto each other and like running away from everyone because they were chasing us lol. But then it got less scary because there were people in front of us.. then we went back to my house nd just hung out till like 11.

Saturday I had my ACT's so that sucked.. I went to Lindenhurst high school nd Jacky was there.. I sat next to her nd we talked, haha the lady kept asking me if I was okay. I haven't seen Jacky in forevvvveerrr so that was cool. The ACT's sucked but I got out pretty early at like 11:30 nd then went home nd had lunch. Then I went to homecoming nd watched the end of the pie throwing things that we (the seniors) did haha all the teachers looked funny. Cooper got hit nd it was all over his clothes nd he was trying to hug me :-( Then I was fighting with Devin nd then I went to go sit nd watch the game. Devin met me there a little while later. The game was good, Amityville won 35-13 yesss. We went back to Devin's around 4 nd he fell asleep nd I watched Best Week Ever. Then he went to work nd I went home, had dinner nd then had to go to my uncles for his birthday yeah that was pretty boring.

Soo yeah Halloween is next week.. so is my birthday. You should all go get me a present. ;-)