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Okay yesterday suckkedd. It was so different from what I thought it… - ShEs JuSt wAiTiNg fOr ThE sUmMeR TiMe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 10th, 2004|10:20 am]
[*beach-y mood* |annoyedannoyed]

Okay yesterday suckkedd. It was so different from what I thought it was gonna be, and it sucks because that was my only day this weekend that I wasn't working.

First I had to get up at 6:45 to go to take the SAT's. I was taking them at Mepham, so I get there nd like I felt retarded because I don't think there was anyone outside of the Bellmore school district there. We were supposed to get there by 7:45-8:00 so I got there at 8 nd that was pointless. Everyone there stood in the gym for almost an hour.. nd it was crowded nd I didn't know anybody, nd I wasn't in the mood, I just wanted to go back to sleep. Finally we went to the classrooms to take the test nd it was retarded. I take tests really quickly nd so I was finished with each section like 10 minutes early so then I was sitting there totally bored. For some reason I thought it was only 3 30 minute sections nd 2 15 minute ones, so after the first 2 30 minute ones I was like yesss only one more 30 minute section nd then someone was like "3 more 30 minutes nd 2 15 minutes" nd I was like whaaaat. So the test was hard nd I don't think I did good.. nd I finally got out of there at 12.

Thenn my mom picked me up nd we picked up Devin on the way home.. we went back to my house nd sat around nd then we went outside. Erin was out there so we were talking to her for a little.. haha shes so funny I love that girl. Then I decided that my hair looked too gross nd so I took a shower. Then I spent like an hour getting ready idk why I couldn't decide on what to wear or how to do my hair nd I felt like my hair looked like crap cause I curled it so I kept redoing it.. nd then finally I was done nd so me and Devin went to the mall. It was okay there, that was probably the best part of the day even though it wasn't that great. I got stuff at Mandee's and that was it.. idk when I got there I was like I don't even feel like shopping I hate this mall.. we have noooo good stores in our mall it sucks. So we got lunch at the Food Court nd then my parents picked us up.

Soo we went back to my house nd just hung out there nd then we were supposed to go to this haunted house in Lindenhurst with Jenn nd Chris.. so we made those plans nd then they got fucked up. So I was annoyed because I was like oh okay now all we're gonna do is sit around all night. So we ended up going outside nd talking to Jack nd Timmy nd Joey.. that was retarded because all I wanted to do was go to the haunted house nd I was PISSED because the night sucked. Me nd Devin ended up fighting like 249875 times nd he ended up leaving at like 11:30. idk the night just sucked nd so did the rest of the day nd I'm just so pissed about that.

Yeah the last 2 posts all I've done is complain about everything. I'm waiting for something GOOD to happen because I feel like life sucks right now.