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its been a while [Nov. 7th, 2008|03:43 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |amusedamused]

I haven't written in here in years. Literally.

I use my deadjournal as my actual private journal now, which is why I haven't had anything to write in here.

But now that I'm interning at Redbook magazine, and I spend a lot of my time sitting on the computer, it would be nice to have something to do to fill up my time.

And so, if you are just looking at this now, please disregard my previous entries, as I am much more mature (yet no less confused) then I was when I was in high school.

To catch you up:
I just turned 21 years old, I work at Outback Steakhouse as a server and intern at Redbook magazine in New York City. I am a senior at Hofstra University, I will be graduating in May, and eventually attending grad school. I am single, enjoying doing whatever I want. I'm obsessed with my friends and I constantly have little ridiculous love life situations that are fun to laugh at months later.

I'm a writer, I love to read, the beach is my favorite place to be. I love music, shows, concerts, anything like that. I am very into shopping, I'm awesome at spending money. I love animals, I'm a vegetarian, and hate the war. I'm never without my iPhone, my credit card (which is always maxed out) or my Stila lip gloss. Black Chanel nail polish is amazing.

There's not much else to know. I'm sure I will have fun updating here if I can find some people to read it. If anyone even wants to. Eek.
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2005 :-) [Jan. 1st, 2005|07:28 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |boredbored]
[*sounds of the beach* |first - lindsay lohan]

hey hey hey whats up. happy new year!!! a little late but its okay..

so my break has been funnn. mm on monday me and devin hung out and we went to olive garden for lunch for our anniversary. then we walked to the mall and it was so cold! then we went back to my house and just hung out.. then we had work so yeah that kinda sucked but we got out pretty early and went back to his house to hang out. and on tuesday i got to hang out with devin again :-) i don't really remember what we did actually lol... yeaah but ok. and wednesday i layed around all day cause i was tired and then i had work and afterwards i hung out with devin and my brother and we watched dodgeball because i love that movie so much.

then thursday morning we left reallllly early, at like 4:30 to go to new hampshire.. it was a loong drive but we made it. as soon as we got there we went snowboarding.. i snowboarded but i suck sooooo bad its not even funny.. but it was fun anyway. then we hung out at ryans cabin for the rest of the night.. and then on friday i decided to try skiing so we went to the ski place after breakfast and i rented skis and everything.. i ended up liking it a lot better than snowboarding so thats what i did.. it was funn.. then we took showers and got dressed and there was a party at the lodge so that was fun.. me, cara ronny and ryan went snowtubing and that was so much fun lol. then we played cranium and that was funny, then we just hung out at the lodge for the rest of the night.. we watched fireworks as the ball dropped haha except it was a little late in new hampshire.. yeah but it was fun. then today we got up and went out to breakfast and then left and i got home a few hours ago... so yeah it was a fun weekend and a fun new years and everything.

devins in penn. and i dont know where anyone else is soo yeah im just sitting here but im really bored... okkk well im gonna go, i miss devin :-( ..bye<3
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(no subject) [Dec. 28th, 2004|12:11 am]
[*beach-y mood* |sleepysleepy]

taken from nothingserious <3

2004Collapse )
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now everybodys in a bad mood but me [Dec. 27th, 2004|10:40 am]
[*beach-y mood* |uncomfortableuncomfortable]

So uhh whats up. My brother and my dad are fighting and I have nothing else to do but write in here because its so early. Christmas this year was good but different. My grandpa was put back in the hospital on Friday because he got an infection and I was really upset about that because that meant he couldn't spend Christmas with us. I've never not spent Christmas with my grandpa and I've never not gone to their house on Christmas Day but thats what happened this year.. I got to see him for about an hour at the hospital but it was weird.. and then on Christmas day my mom had my grandma and my aunt and uncle with John, Chris, and Nikolas over.. Steven and Bianca didn't come so it was even less like Christmas.. but w/e I tried not to think about it but it still made me sad.. but I still had a good Christmas.

Friday was me and Devin's 2 year anniversary which was so cool.. I can't believe its been so long. <3 I didn't do much all day, he came over and gave me my anniversary gifts.. omg he got me such a gorgous ring.. I was sooo surprised and I love it so much<33 Then he left and I went to church but it was soo crowded that we only stayed about a half hour cause we didn't have a seat. Then my Dads family came over for dinner and stuff.. it was fun. I got a lot of cool presents.. I got a gift certificate to Sephora yayy.. and a bunch of stuff so I was happy.

Then on Saturday I got soo many great things from Santa :-) I was sooo happy about that.. then Devin came over and we gave each other our Christmas gifts haha I loooved what he got me.. thenn I went to the hospital and then my moms family came over.. it was fun, Nikolas looked so adorable.. I went to Devin's uncle's house at like 9 for the rest of the night and that was fun.

Yesterday was like a really lazy day.. I didn't have work thank goddd. I hung out with Devin, we went to the mall and it was sooo crowded.. I didn't really get anything but magazines haha I got 2 issues of Cosmopolitan and Elle... then we went back to my house and his parents came over and I got my gifts from them.. OMG THEY GOT ME THE PARIS HILTON BOOK haha I was sooooooooooooo excited I love it. Yeaah then we wne to Devins house and just stayed there till like 1.. then I went home. So yeah my break has been pretty good so far.. so I'll write later. Bye<3
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2004|07:08 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |excitedexcited]

Today is Christmas Eve, and its also me and Devin's 2 year anniversary, so I decided to post some of my favorite pictures of each other over the past 2 years. Enjoy<3

i love you so much devinCollapse )
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i LoVe ChRiStMaS!!<33 [Dec. 21st, 2004|09:14 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |ecstaticecstatic]

Ahh its not Sunday!! lol yeaaah anyway..

My weekend was pretty fun, lets see if I can remember what I did.. umm okay well on Friday night I made Devin dinner for his birthday :-) It was really good if I do say so myself ... and I do haha. Yeah so we had a really nice night and stuff and it was fun. He didn't leave till like 12 and then I wanted to stay awake late, but I ended up falling asleep mad early.

Saturday I woke up kinda late and then got ready and then went to Jenn's house.. we walked to the pet store and got pizza for lunch and then we had to go to the dollar store cause its tradition haha. Jenn got Devin his birthday gift hahaaa it was so cute and retarded lol yeah it was fun. Then we went back to her house and we just hung out and we tried to make butter cookies.. haha we definitely did something wrong, idk what it was buttt yeah haha idk what the hell happened. Devin stopped by and we talked a little.. yeah so I was with Jenn all day Saturday, it was really fun though. <3 Then later on at night I went to Devin's house for his birthday thingie or whatever and hung out there till like 12:30.. it was okay. Then went home and watched some tv.

Sunday was Devins birthday<33 Aw I hope he had a good one.. we didn't do much cause we had already celebrated it, but he came over and I gave him his gifts which I hope he loved. Then we hung out for a while and then he left.. I got to go see my grandpa, who had just come home. Ahh it was definitely a relief to see him, I mean he didn't seem like my Poppy but at least he wasn't in the hospital. I'm so glad hes okay right now.

After that, I went home to go to work but I ended up not going in because of some confusing situation but w/e. My first Sunday night free to do whatever in a longggg time and mannn it was freaking boring lol. I decorated the downstairs tree with my family so that was cool, but that was it.. But then it got much more fun, I went out to dinner at Ciao Baby with Amanda and Kait for Kaits last day at Athena :-( It was soo funny haha our waiter definitely had the hots for Kait lol it was great.. it was snowing we were all happy!! We didn't get there till like 10 so we didn't leave till like 11 or so.. dropped Amanda off to get her car, and then me and Kait went to Devin's house to talk to him for a little and ended up staying till like 12.. I got home and my parents were like "uhh do you have school tomorrow?" and I was like "yeaah" lol it was funny. But yeah it was a fun night.

School has been boring, I feel like its been like a million days since Monday when really its only been 2 eek. I can't wait for Christmas!! omg I'm so in the Christmas mood right now and all week... I'm so excited, I love Christmas!! lol yeaaah so I've been in such an awesome mood.. I'm gonna go drink my hot chocolate :-) Yayyy I love the holidays<3 byee everyone<3
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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2004|09:02 pm]
soo yeah im bored. my tummy hurts. i feel yucky. but i figured id write, since i write in here everyyy sunday almost.

i basically shopped the whole weekend. on friday after school i babysat my brother and sister till like 6 and then went to the bayshore mall with devin and his family and we stayed there for a long time -- and i saw stuff for people but i didnt get anything. then on saturday morning i went to smithhaven mall with devin and his family again and we were there until like 7 at night it was crazy. i got 2 things for devin and something for my brother.. i couldnt find anything for my sister but i wanted to get her something from kids abercrombie, that would be so cute.. but i couldnt find anything. ahh yeah i went in and out of abercrombie like 20 million times looking at stuff for me but i didnt really see anything actually it was disappointing.

afterwards we went to freaking Hooters for dinner. lets just say it was very weird going with devins whole family. i was in a horrible mood but whateverrrr. we went back to devins house after dinner and me and dev just hung out for a while. then i went home.

today was so boring and not a good day.. i basically didnt do anything and then i went to work.. work was fun though. yeah but it was dead.. i need a new job. a waitressing one.. i cant find any.

ok im gonna go, idk why but im so tired.. byee<33
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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2004|07:44 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |hopefulhopeful]

So this weekend was okay. On Friday I wasn't allowed out because I had my SATs the next day, so I just had Devin over.. my mom took us to Walt Whitman mall because I needed to go to Abercrombie. I exchanged my skirt at Abercrombie and got a new one, its really cute.. then we went to Macys and I picked out some stuff for my mom to get me. Thenn we left, even though I wanted to go other places, and went back to my house.. we ate dinner and then just hung out and Devin left around 10.

Saturday morning I had a little trouble with my admission ticket, and then Vicky and Chrissy picked me up at like 7:30 and we went to take the SATs... they sucked I hate them. Thank God that was my last time. And yeah then I went home.. I ran and then took a shower, then I got ready and met up with Devin.. I can't even remember what we did.. oh yeah I remember. I went over to his house and I fell asleep.. because I didn't feel good and stuff and he was bleaching his hair.. then I went home to get ready to go to the tree lighting. Thenn Devin came over and we left for the tree lighting. Hah I don't kno why I go every year, its so dumb... but I kno if it ever ends I will miss it.. yeah so we met up with Jacek and Alex while we were there. I saw a few people, and stuff, and I was trying to get Jenn to come out but she couldn't. So Devin got a sandwich at Subway and when he was done, we decided the tree lighting was getting boring, so me, him, Alex and Jacek walked to Brownstones, where we got drinks and I got salad from Athena.. then we got bored so we walked back to Devin's house. On the way, I stopped at Jenn's house to say hi. Soo we walked to Dev's house.. haha it was funny -- "but what is a million dollars?" and "lets go swimming. oh yeah, i forgot it wasn't summer." hahaha yeah it was great. Then we got to Devin's house but nobody was home but we went inside anyway. Then his parents kicked us out so we were gonna walk around more, but his parents drove us to my house. We looked at pictures and stuff and tried to figure out what to do.. then Chewy came over and then we all walked to Bellisimo to get stuff to eat.. so we got some stuff and then went back to Devins where we just hung out till like 12.. then I went home and went to sleep.

On Sunday I woke up kinda early and then we had to go to church. Then I came home and ran and showered and stuff, then I went to the mall with Jenn.. it was fun. We were there for a while, I got the cutest white winter jacket ever, I was very happy. Haha we tried on some weird stufff... haha yeaah. Oh and I got a really cute shirt to wear on New Years.. we better be going to New Hampshire to go skiing or I'll cry. Then me and Jenn left the mall at like 4 aw we had fun<3 and then I had to go to work.

So yeah that was my weekend.. my grandpa had open heart surgery today... it sucked, I was really worried about him. Hes not awake yet but the doctors said everything is okay.. I hope everything really is okay, I'm still worried. I feel so bad because my grandma is all alone at her house, scared and worried and stuff.. it makes me sad.

Ok well I'm gonna go.. my shows come on in 5 minutes.. 3 straight hours of happiness :-D Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Real World, and the last episode of Laguna Beach :-( Ohh I'm so sad about that :-( I looooove that show I hope this episode is awesome. Bye lovelies<3
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you wanna know more more more about me //..// yOu GoTtA kNo ReVeRsE pSyChOloGy [Nov. 28th, 2004|04:08 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |okayokay]
[*sounds of the beach* |breathe stretch shake]

Wow I just realized I like only write in this thing on Sundays... yeah anywayyy this weekend was fun.

I got to hang out with Jenn<33 on Wednesday night. I MISSED THAT GIRL SO MUCH!!! Yeaah I was with Devin all afternoon nd then he left nd I thought I was just gonna be in all night so I went to Blockbuster nd got some movies.. but then I ended up meeting Jenn at Brownstones.. we got drinks nd then walked to her house and just chilled in her room. It was good to see her though nd we def. gotta chill again<3 yeah so i went home nd went online.. then i watched Raising Helen nd it was so cute.. nddd i dont remember what i did but i didnt get to sleep till like 2.

then thursday was Thanksgiving so i woke up nd made pumpkin pies nd then devin came over nd we hung out for a little bit. i went to my uncle glenns house for dinner it was ehhh okay but yeah could have been better. i saw gina for the first time in a million years pretty crazy. shes so different from when we were kids, she looks like a model -- shes soo pretty nd shes tall nd thin. yeah so we talked a little.. then i went home nd watched Farenheiht 911 wow i hate bush lets not talk about it it makes me mad. me nd devin fought about it on the phone ick i hate politics sometimes. then i went to sleep at like really late i dont remember the time.

then on friday i woke up so early because devin told me we were leaving early nd i wasnt packed.. of course we ended up leaving at like 1:30. i got packed nd took a shower nd did my hair wow it came out reallly pretty. then my dad took me to the store nd then dropped me off at devins nd we picked up brian nd left.. the car ride up there was boring we stopped at wendys for lunch.. thenn we finalllly got to Pennslyvania at like 4:30 nd it was already dark WHATS UP WITH THAT. we all got unpacked nd then went to the lodge.. haha it was fun we played pool nd air hockey haha stupid little kids.. nd we had dinner at the lodge nd that was nice. then we went back to the house nd just hung out, then watched shrek 2 aw it was so cute. then we all hung out nd then brian nd brandon went to sleep nd me nd dev stayed up.. then we finally went to sleep at like 2:30..

on saturday i didnt wake up till 11:30 haha late for me.. i woke up devin and brian dn we all had breakfast.. then we got ready nd went out.. we went to some little stores, ended up at walmart hahaha that place really cracks me up.. we saw this nasttyyy guy who had no underwear or boxers on nd his pants were seriously down his ass.. nd he was walking around nd im not even joking you saw his whole ass it was disgusting.. haha it was so funny though.. thenn we left wal mart nd went to this weird place for dinner, none of us were too happy.. then we finally went back to the house nd just hung out, watched the movie The Devils Advocate, it was relalllly creepy nd weird. then we all just chilled nd talked, it was fun. we went to bed at like 3.

today we woke up early nd got all packed nd left by 11:30.. the car ride sucked but at least we didnt hit that traffic omg wow that was horrible.. there was like the worst traffic ever going the opposite way of us it was crazy, we thought we were gonna hit it but we didnt thank god.. arite so im gonna go becauseee i have work which sucks. bye<3
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you wanna know more more more about me //..// iM tHe GiRL tHaTs SwEePiNg U oFf yOuR fEeT [Nov. 24th, 2004|11:54 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |cheerfulcheerful]
[*sounds of the beach* |tangled up in me]

so love this:

From Best Week Ever:

what are you thankful for?

Well, Thanksgiving is upon us, and it's time to reflect on what exactly you're thankful for this year. I know what I'm thankful for.

I am thankful that Paris & Nicole survived their cross country road trip on The Simple Life 2, and will be back in our lives with The Simple Life 3 in a few short months.

I am thankful that Britney found true love. Twice.

I am thankful that after a rough start, William Hung defied the odds and is now being taken seriously as an artist.

I am thankful for both Wife Swap and Trading Spouses, because it's good to know that long after I'm married there might still be television shows around that make it possible for me to still be with other women.

I am thankful for MTV's Laguna Beach, because I have often wondered what the real OC is like.

I am thankful for Alexander, because Troy just wasn't gay enough for me.

I am thankful that Craig Kilborn left The Late Late Show , because Damien Fahey is too big a talent to confine to TRL.

I am thankful for Lindsay Lohan. Period.

I am thankful that the world didn't immediately end after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

I am thankful that U2 is finally going to teach us How to Dismantle An
Atomic Bomb, because I've been dying to know.

I am thankful for the words "Yeah," "What?" and "Okay," but not nearly as much as Lil' Jon is.

I am thankful that I haven't seen a single nipple on TV since the Superbowl.

I am thankful that Ben Affleck hasn't made any bad movies this year. Wait. It's 1997, right? It's not? Then never mind.

I am thankful for Desperate Housewives, and no, I'm not talking about the show.

I am especially thankful that I'm not an Indiana Pacers fan this season.

I am also thankful that the new Star Wars movie is titled "Revenge of The Sith" because it gives me something else to make fun of Star Wars geeks about.

I am thankful that The Killers and Franz Ferdinand are making the hipsters dance, even though most hipsters probably shouldn't.

I am thankful that Jay-Z and R. Kelly gave us the "best of both worlds," even if those worlds turned out to be "pepper spray" and "really large lawsuits."

And last but not least, I am thankful for Best Week Ever. Because I wouldn't have known about most of the things on this list were it not for Paul Scheer telling me about them.

haha best SHOW ever. <3
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2004|04:32 pm]
I'm gonna write a quick post before I go to work and my brother steals the computer away.

On Friday I skipped the extra day of drivers ed and went to work instead. I also went to school because I was feeling a lot better. Me and Vicky bought Star magazine at 7-11 during 3rd period because Lindsay Lohan Got Dumped lol. Anyway, work was boring and very busy, I had asshole people with attitudes as customers. After work, I went to Brownstones to meet Vicky, and she was there with Chrissy and Jamie so we all hung out there. We sat down right next to Devin, who was there with Chewy and Jacek, lol it was weird because me and Devin were right next to each other and we weren't talking. So yeah me, Vicky, Chrissy and Jamie sat in Brownstones till like 10:30 lol but it was fun, and then we went to the parking lot at Stop and Shop haha cause we're so cool.. there were a bunch of guys there playing football so we just hung out there.. me and Jamie went in the shopping carts and Vicky and Chrissy pushed us around lol. Thenn we just hung out there and then I went home at like 12 and went online for a little.

Saturday was rainy and yucky out, and I woke up early and did nothing for a long time, then my mom took me to the bookstore and I got an SAT prep book because I'm taking the SATs for the last time in December and I need to do good. Then I picked up Devin and he came over and we hung out for the rest of the day. Then he left and I went to babysit for my Aunt Jeanne, so I spent the rest of my night with adorable Nikolas, John and Christopher. I left around 11:30 and then was exhausted so I went to bed.

Sunday was also boring, I didn't really do anything. I went out to brunch with my family in Bayshore for my mom's birthday and I saw one of my vice principals there, which was weird. Then we went home and me and Devin went to Brownstones for a few hours. That was fun.. then he came over and then he had to leave to go to work and I just fell asleep. Then I went to Roosevelt Field Mall with my mom, grandma and aunt for something for St. Williams.. so I got to go shopping but it wasn't as good as I hoped.. I didn't find anything at Forever 21, GUESS, or Wet Seal, then I got some stuff at Victorias Secret and then I got to go to Sephora which made me incredibly happy, so sad. I got a lot of stuff but sadly most of it was bought by my mom to give to me on Christmas, but my grandma bought me this really cool Urban Decay stuff that I have now.. then I went to Urban Outfitters and got an adorable shirt, then I went to Abercrombie and I picked out the cutest skirt which my mom bought for me and made a big deal out of so I was pissed off.. then I went to Hollister and I was even more pissed because I didn't get anything there.. then I went to M.A.C and got a really nice lipgloss and then we went home. So yeah that was my weekend.

Ariteee I'm gonna go call Devin. I'll write later, bye<3
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(no subject) [Nov. 14th, 2004|09:06 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |chipperchipper]
[*sounds of the beach* |private radio - vanessa carlton]

Current favorite song of the moment: Annie by Vanessa Carlton

Soo this weekend has been okay.. I've been sick basically all week since Tuesday. I hardly went to school. I missed Tuesday cause I didn't feel good and then I went Wednesday and then Thursday we had off and I missed Friday to go to the city. So why did I even bother going in on Wednesday? I have no idea.

This weekend was full of open houses. Thats always fun. *sarcasm* On Friday I woke up early to go to the city (Manhattan)with my mom. We took an early train. Unfortunately it rained, actually poured, the entire day. But it was okay. We got out of Penn Station and walked around. We went into a few little shops that I didn't catch the names of. Then we went into H&M, I love that store. We walked around a little more and then decided to get a cab and go into Soho. Let me just say, I love it there. We ended up going into Little Italy. I love it there too. We went into an adorable restuarant, of course all the Italian guys fawn all over you, and we got a nice lunch. Then we walked all the way to NYU for an open house. ...my dream school. Ah God it was so beautiful. It was like perfect. There are so many good things that I could say about this place. I loved it. Lets just keep it at that. Oh and, 34000 people applied last year and 9000 got in. So yeah, I have no chance.

I got an NYU sweatshirt at the bookstore and then we went on our way back to Times Square. We went into Macys which was beautifully decorated for Christmas already, pretty crazy. I picked out 2 Christmas gifts, so cute. By that time it was pretty late, so we rushed to get our train. We went home soaking wet but happy, except I was sad about never getting to go to NYU. Then I had dinner and decided to go to Olivia's basketball game. It was cute, I actually got into it. Then I met Devin at Brownstones. I felt like crap so I went home at 10 and went to sleep. Boring night.

On Saturday I had to get up early yet again to go to the Fordham at Lincoln Center open house in the city. I liked it, but of course I like NYU better. It was a very nice school, and the dorm rooms were so much nicer than I thought they would be... each dorm room has its own kitchen. hah yeah. Then me, my mom and my dad went to Cosi's for lunch. They have the best sandwiches ever there. We went home and I felt like such shit. I layed down on my couch with my pillows and blanket and watched Mean Girls. I love that movie. Then Devin came over and we just hung out. It was fun. Then I fell asleep and he left, and I went to go babysit for the night.

Today was yet another open house, this time at Hofstra. I knew I would love it because I have wanted to go there for as long as I can remember. Me and my mom ended up sitting right next to Sarah and Ellen so we basically spent the whole time with them. So that was cool. We went to some of the sessions, got lunch and visited a dorm. hah I wanted to find out so bad if you could have guys sleep over at your dorm but I couldn't ask because my mom was right there. So then I came home and just read by the fire and then went to work which was okay. Now I'm home.

for shawnaCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|11:06 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |crankycranky]

blahhh I am so bored right now. It sucks because I should be out since I don't have school tomorrow but I'm nottt.

I've been sick the past 2 days which sucks. On Monday I was okay, I went to school and then went to work and that sucked. It was so dead, and as I was leaving early 2 freaking old ladies wanted to sit and Mike let them.. I was pissed. Then I got a coffee at Brownstones and waited for Devin in his car and me and Ronny talked on the phone. On Tuesday I woke up and I felt like shiiiit so I didn't go to school, I just layed around the house all day. My mom made me go to Drivers Ed, I HATE drivers ed btw. Then I went home and had dinner.. then I watched Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, I <3 those shows.

Thenn today I felt like crap but my mom made me go to school since I'm missing Friday.. I had a quarterly in Forsenics and just the whole day I was doing all these work that I missed. So yeah I felt like shit. Then I finally got home and I just relaxed. My mom said I didnt have to go to work so I didnt go thank God. Then Devin came over and we just layed around and watched TV because I felt sick :-( After dinner we went to Target and I got the Britney Spears Greatest Hits cd and the new Vanessa Carlton cd and right now I'm downloading both of them onto my iPod. yayyy I love my iPod.

Soo right now I'm pretty bored and pretty damn shocked and pretty fucking dissapointed. Wow yeah can't even believe this is actually going on.. iLu Dev I hope everything works out babe<3 Okay I'm gonna go I'm so BORED this post was pointless. byee<33
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2004|09:11 pm]
You never know what you had until its gone.

Whats upppp. This week was kinda boring. I had school Wednesday, Thursday and Friday which sucked. Friday I wasn't really allowed out. Me and Devin hung out for a little.. it was fun. Then we met up with Chewy and we all went to Brownstones which was also fun. My mom picked me up from there at like 9:30 which suckkeddd. I wasn't allowed out late cause I had the SATs in the morning.

Yeah so Saturday morning I took the SAT II: Writing Test. It was soo boring but at least it was only an hour long. Then after that I just hung out around the house and then me and Devin went to the mall. I love shopping lol nd I was so in the mood to spend money. I got stupid stuff though, I got 2 magazines, a really cute shirt and this lip stuff from Bath and Body Works. Then we got dinner there and then we went homee. Thennn at like 8 my family came over for my birthday. I got lots of nice stuff, I got 3 new perfumes: Chance by Chanel, a Curious gift set by Britney Spears, and DKNY Be Delicious. Annd I got $45 in cash nd $50 to Maceys.. I got another real Coach bag from my Aunt Jeanne which I LOVE.. I got a real Dooney and Bourke wristlet from my grandma, so cute<3, .. a mug from Nikols<3... Mean Girls on DVD.. annnndd my grandma still has to take me shoping.. soo yeah I think thats all. Yayy I was so happy. lol I have like a million perfumes now.. cause I also have Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Lilu, and Beyond Paradise and none of them are almost done.. so yeahhh.

Then today was boring. I went to an open house at C.W. Post and I ended up really liking the school a lot.. then I came home and Devin couldn't hang out so I went online and played with my iPOd, and then I just relaxed and watched Mean Girls.. I love that movie so much. Then I ate dinner and went to work, which was fun lol. Then me and Amanda went to Target and I got another magazine. Annd now I'm home and I'm bored.

Okayy well I'm gonna go. Bye<33
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(no subject) [Nov. 2nd, 2004|09:31 pm]
This weekend was fun.. it was my birthday on Sunday so I'm finally 17! lol I finally feel like a senior since I'm not 16 anymore.

Friday was funn after school I went to the mall with Devin to get some stuff for Halloween but I couldn't find anything, and then I picked out my gift from him and he got it :-) I love it so much by the way. Then we went back to our houses and then I went to do the bar with him for Happy Hour because he didn't want to go alone. It was okay, I mostly read Lucky and we talked and stuff. We got Burger King on the way home and then we went back to his house. He had this guy from Devry come to interview him at like 8:30 so I watched old episodes of The Soprano's on DVD, then I fell asleep and the next thing I know, I woke up and it was almost 11 and the interviewer was still there. I was like whaaaat so I went online and then he FINALLY left. Soo me and Devin hung out for a little and then Mikey called and was looking for Francis's book which Devin had, so we had to go to Mikey's and hide it in the basement lol. And Francis and like everyone was over there so we ended up staying a little longer then we thought and everything and then we left and went back to his house. So we just hung out for a while and then at around 12:30 Brian picked us up and he took me home annnnd I stayed online till like 2 in the morning and then went to sleep.

On Saturday, I woke up at almost 11:30 and I don't really remember what I did. But then my mom took me to Circut City so that we could get my iPod for my birthday :-) So we picked it out and then we went to TJ Maxx and I got some photo albums, and then we went to Target so I could pick up my film. Thennn we picked up Devin and by that time it was like almost 4. So me and Devin hung out at my house for a little and then I got dressed and we went to his house.. he got all ready and then at like 6:30 we went to Red Lobster because thats where he took me out to dinner for my birthday :-) So we went there and that was really fun. Then we were trying to decide what to do and we finally decided we would go to Alex's house because they were having a party. So we went there and that was fun omg his new house is so gorgeous. So we stayed there till almost 1 I think and then I went home.

Sundayyy was my birthdayyy and I woke up early and got ready. My Aunt Jeanne brought Nikolas over and he looked so cute, he was dressed like a lion. I just hung around and then Devin came over and we went to see The Grudge. omg it was soo scary I was like screaming in the movie theater lol. It was really good though. Then we went to Starbucks and got some drinks and then came home. We visited my grandma and then my parents gave me my iPod :-) So me and Devin were playing with it and then we had dinner and then we played with the iPod some more and then went out to walk around a little which was fun. Then we went back to my house and just hung out for a while. Oh yeah adn Devin gave me my gift, which was a Coach bag and a Coach wristlet :-) And he got me a $15 gift card for iTunes. Aww I was so happy. His mom gave me an iPod case but she said she has another gift for me lol.

Monday was really fun, I didn't have to go to school because the newspaper and yearbook had a trip to Columbia for CSPA. That was okay, it took us 3 hours to freaking get into the city it was crazy and then we got there and we went to 1 workshop and then got lunch. Then we missed the second session, stole some yearbooks and magazines lol adn then got on the bus to go hoooome. We got home and I just like fell asleep and then I went to work. It was soooo boring it wasn't busy at all but the tables all came late so I had to stay till like 10 and all I wanted to do was go home. So after work I called Chrissy and then Devin dropped me off at Jamie's house. There were like a million people there I was like wow I didn't know it was gonna be this big of a party. Soo Vicky got me a beer and we started drinking lol I could only drink when she told me to and for as long as she told me to haha. It was really funn there were like 40 people there so it was pretty crazy. Everyone got really drunk or really high or both lol and it was so much fun. I don't even remember when people started leaving but there were people there till madddd late. When it got late, people started getting like soo tired.. so we were all kinda just sitting around. I was sitting on the floor with Jamie, Chrissy, Sabrina and Danny for soo long lol we were eating and talking and waiting for everyone to leave. Then Danny left and then me, Jamie, Chrissy and Sabrina went upstairs. Me and Chrissy fell asleep at around 3:30-4 or something, but Jamie, Sam, Melanie, Carly, and a few other people went in the hot tub. Then they woke us up at like 5 and then me and Chrissy moved downstairs into the den with Jamie, Sabrina and Ortiz.. we all fell asleep but a few people walked to The Better Bagel lol I was soo tired so I didn't go. So yeah I fell asleep on Jamie's floor in all my clothes with Vicky's sweatshirt on, all my makeup on, my contacts still in, and with a sheet and a pillow with Ortiz's feet in my face lol. So in the morning, I woke up at a little after 9 and then Sabrina left, and me and Vicky and Jamie were all talking about how many people were there.. then Vicky and Jamie drove me home cause my mom wanted me to study. Soo yeah it was pretty crazy but it was soo much fun so I had a good night.

Yeaaah I didn't do anything today I'm so freaking tired I hardly got any sleep this whoooollle weekend and I reallllly don't wanna go to school tomorrow. Blahh okay I'm gonna go.. I'll write lataaaa byee<3
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2004|12:18 pm]
Its my birthday :-)
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they say im c r a z y -- iReaLLydOntcAre [Oct. 24th, 2004|10:23 am]
[*beach-y mood* |relaxedrelaxed]

Hii. I never know how to start my journal posts.. yeaah okay.

This week has been okay. It was Spirit Week.. Monday was pajama day nd thats my favorite day because its so comfortable. I wore the cutest Betty Boop pajamas and matching slippers and I wanted to go to sleep during all my classes. I didn't really dress up the rest of the week because the things were pretty stupid but I did Red and Gray day. I just wore my seniors jersey. That was on Friday nd after school we had the pep rally. Oh yeah but before thaaaat.. Devin ran over a cat!!!!!!!! omgg it was so horrible. He was driving Melanie home to get something nd a cat ran out in front of the car nd he swerved all the way over to the other side of the street but the cat kept going.. nd I swear I felt it hit the car nd Melanie said she saw fur flying in front of the car :-( I was like omg CAT KILLER. yeah so after all the excitement we went to the pep rally. Sat in the senior section of course nd everyone was acting crazy. They like painted their faces nd everything. Homecoming King was announced, it was Darrel.. idk how to spell his name right. Then after the pep rally I went home nd did some stuff.

I went to Olivia's basketball game for like 20 minutes nd then Vicky picked me up nd we went to a haunted house in North Lindenhurst. It was scarrry. We were like grabbing onto each other and like running away from everyone because they were chasing us lol. But then it got less scary because there were people in front of us.. then we went back to my house nd just hung out till like 11.

Saturday I had my ACT's so that sucked.. I went to Lindenhurst high school nd Jacky was there.. I sat next to her nd we talked, haha the lady kept asking me if I was okay. I haven't seen Jacky in forevvvveerrr so that was cool. The ACT's sucked but I got out pretty early at like 11:30 nd then went home nd had lunch. Then I went to homecoming nd watched the end of the pie throwing things that we (the seniors) did haha all the teachers looked funny. Cooper got hit nd it was all over his clothes nd he was trying to hug me :-( Then I was fighting with Devin nd then I went to go sit nd watch the game. Devin met me there a little while later. The game was good, Amityville won 35-13 yesss. We went back to Devin's around 4 nd he fell asleep nd I watched Best Week Ever. Then he went to work nd I went home, had dinner nd then had to go to my uncles for his birthday yeah that was pretty boring.

Soo yeah Halloween is next week.. so is my birthday. You should all go get me a present. ;-)
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goooooooo warriors [Oct. 23rd, 2004|05:55 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |thirstythirsty]

cuuuuuteCollapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 17th, 2004|08:58 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |lazylazy]

Okay so yeah my weekend kind of sucked, I didn't really do anything.. Saturday was okayyy at least I made money. I hung out with Devin and Brian during the morning and then I had to go babysit for like 5 hours. I had to babysit this little 5 week old girl she was soo cute. And so yeah I was at Unqua babysitting all night and then I went home and I was so tired.

And today I woke up and just read my book, I'm reading The Devil Wears Prada which is hysterical. Then my mom took me shopping and I got some stuff.. and then I went home and Devin came over. omggg we were both like so tired and lazy so we just layed on the couch the whole time watching tv, exciting I know. We watched reruns of The Real World and Laguna Beach, Devin hates that show but I love it. Its definitely not a real reality show though, it can't be. So then I made dinner and we went to work. hah Athena was like the best part of the day which is sad.

This week is Spirit Week thank God because something interesting has to happen, I am soo sick of school and everythinggg. I hateee schooooll. I have to remember to bring my ID in or they won't let the seniors out its retardedddd. I saw Vicky at the market today and we talked about how much we <3 pumpkins haha. I have to start sending out applications for college but I haven't been yeah thats kinda important. My birthday is coming up I'm excited, I'll be 17. Oh yeaaah this Saturday I have to take the ACT's uggghh that sucks I don't think I'll do good but I hope I do... then its Homecoming yayy. Okay yeah I'm gonna go this paragraph was like all random stuff. Bye<3
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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2004|03:29 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |lazylazy]

Which one should I get for my bday?


or Mini:

The regular one that I want holds about 5000 songs nd the mini holds about 1000. Bonus for the mini: its pink.

What would you do?
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2004|11:17 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |happyhappy]

Quick update before I watch a show on VH1.

Today was okayy. It was Friday and surprisingly I woke up in an awesome mood. I got to school on time nd everything nd I had to work on my scrapbook. We didn't have to do anything in gym so I was happy because I hateee gym. Danny visited the school from NYU nd I saw him during Studio In Publications.. of course I had to ask him about Mary-Kate and Ashley. He said he hasn't seen them, but that his roommate has a class with them, and their bodyguards wait outside all their classes. His roommate said that the twins were really short but really friendly and sweet. Aw I want to meet them so bad!! I love Mary-Kate and Ashley haha I'm a loser.. but their so cool!

Umm Devin drove me home from school and Nikolas was over :-) I played with him until like 3 when Aunt Jeanne came and picked him up. Hes sooo cute. Than Devin came over and we just hung out till like 9:30 but it was funnn<33 We got Jacek and we went to Brownstones.. just like old times :-( It was retarded because they kicked us out at 10:30 so we walked around and met Chewy and then we walked to my house and I just got home a little while ago. But it was a fun night.

Ariiiite I'm gonna go watch tv like the lazy girl I am ;-) I'll write laterr bye<3
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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2004|01:46 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |tiredtired]

Tomorrow's Friday :-) Thank Goddd I'm sick of school.

Yesterday was Awareness Day at my school.. it was for the freshman, since their not allowed to go to Awareness Weekend. Mr. McGowan picked a bunch of seniors to be the leaders, and I was one of them so I got to go.. we went to this park, idk how to spell it so yeah. It wasn't that great, everything kept getting messed up. First of all, he only got 4 buses nd there were sooo many freshman, like almost 200 I think, nd then 25 seniors, nd then teachers.. so we couldn't fit on the buses. We had to actually triple up in the seats, and in some seats there were 4 people, nd some people didn't have a seat at all.. it was retarded but thats Amityville I guess.

Then like we got there nd did activities... the freshman really didn't seem into anything like most of them were just there because they wanted to get out of school. lol thats why I was there too buttttttt you know. ;-) So the group things kind of sucked. Then it was time for lunch.. haha there were like 2 grills or something nd we had alll these hamburgers nd hot dogs nd chicken... nd it all had to be cooked. So Vicky kind of took over one grill, haha she made all the burgers nd me and Laura helped her out... Vicky was the one cooking everything nd idk what me nd Laura were doing but we were like trying to control the immature freshman nd whatnot.. nd then we were doing that for like an hour nd a half, so we were feeding everyone else but we didnt' get any lunch.. haha but at the end we did, only there were no forks left, nd no buns so we ate hamburgers with our hands. FUN. Then we all had to squeeze onto the bus for the ride home.

Ahhh yeah so Awareness Day kind of sucked but w/e I got out of school. Don't understand why McGowan couldn't just let me, Vicky, Chrissy, Sam nd Kevin drive but okayyy.

Some of the people in the music department got to meet Kanye West last night. :-( He came to the high school to talk to them.. not fair. I wanted to go but I wasn't allowed because only music people could go.

I have drivers ed in a little while which suckssssss. I don't wanna go, we drive today nd when its rainy out I get soo tired. Anddd I have to go to a yearbook meeting which I reallllly don't feel like doing. Blahh. Anyway I'll write later. Bye<3
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(no subject) [Oct. 10th, 2004|10:20 am]
[*beach-y mood* |annoyedannoyed]

Okay yesterday suckkedd. It was so different from what I thought it was gonna be, and it sucks because that was my only day this weekend that I wasn't working.

First I had to get up at 6:45 to go to take the SAT's. I was taking them at Mepham, so I get there nd like I felt retarded because I don't think there was anyone outside of the Bellmore school district there. We were supposed to get there by 7:45-8:00 so I got there at 8 nd that was pointless. Everyone there stood in the gym for almost an hour.. nd it was crowded nd I didn't know anybody, nd I wasn't in the mood, I just wanted to go back to sleep. Finally we went to the classrooms to take the test nd it was retarded. I take tests really quickly nd so I was finished with each section like 10 minutes early so then I was sitting there totally bored. For some reason I thought it was only 3 30 minute sections nd 2 15 minute ones, so after the first 2 30 minute ones I was like yesss only one more 30 minute section nd then someone was like "3 more 30 minutes nd 2 15 minutes" nd I was like whaaaat. So the test was hard nd I don't think I did good.. nd I finally got out of there at 12.

Thenn my mom picked me up nd we picked up Devin on the way home.. we went back to my house nd sat around nd then we went outside. Erin was out there so we were talking to her for a little.. haha shes so funny I love that girl. Then I decided that my hair looked too gross nd so I took a shower. Then I spent like an hour getting ready idk why I couldn't decide on what to wear or how to do my hair nd I felt like my hair looked like crap cause I curled it so I kept redoing it.. nd then finally I was done nd so me and Devin went to the mall. It was okay there, that was probably the best part of the day even though it wasn't that great. I got stuff at Mandee's and that was it.. idk when I got there I was like I don't even feel like shopping I hate this mall.. we have noooo good stores in our mall it sucks. So we got lunch at the Food Court nd then my parents picked us up.

Soo we went back to my house nd just hung out there nd then we were supposed to go to this haunted house in Lindenhurst with Jenn nd Chris.. so we made those plans nd then they got fucked up. So I was annoyed because I was like oh okay now all we're gonna do is sit around all night. So we ended up going outside nd talking to Jack nd Timmy nd Joey.. that was retarded because all I wanted to do was go to the haunted house nd I was PISSED because the night sucked. Me nd Devin ended up fighting like 249875 times nd he ended up leaving at like 11:30. idk the night just sucked nd so did the rest of the day nd I'm just so pissed about that.

Yeah the last 2 posts all I've done is complain about everything. I'm waiting for something GOOD to happen because I feel like life sucks right now.
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(no subject) [Oct. 8th, 2004|02:22 pm]
Tomorrow I have to take my SAT's which sucks. It will be my second time -- last time I got a 1060 but I want to get like at least an 1100 this time. Devin got an 1160 and he's trying to get 1200. :-( I wish I could go up that high but I can't.. and I have to take the ACT's and the SAT II's in November.. which really sucks..

I came home early today, the beginning of 3rd period cause I didn't feel good.. idk I felt okay enough to stay in school but like I really didn't feel like it.. I woke up this morning and I just didn't feel like going to school.. I was like exhausteddd and I didn't want to get out of bed... I didn't get out of bed till like almost 7:20 and then I pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt n I pulled my hair back so I looked like shiiit.. n then I was late to English. We're reading this fucking retarded story about this guy who turns into a cockroach?? idk its so stupid.. AP English is retarded.

I realllly wanna go to a haunted house this weekend.. cause there are like 3 I wanna go to.. I hope I go. I have to work tonight cause Kait's sick n I need the money.. I don't feel like ittt.

I watched Dirty Dancing Havana Nights while I was home n I thought it was stupiddd. And I saw the new Lindsay Lohan video, I liked it. Annnnd thats like all I did n I slept..

My birthday is coming up, I'm not having a party this year cause idk I'm only turning 17 n I feel retarded having a party for that.. sooo idk what I'm doing on my birthday.. Halloween's on a Sunday this year that suckss. I usually work on Sundays but I told my boss I needed off cause it was my birthday.

Alright I'm gonna go I have to prep for the SAT's :-(. I hateee schooooooool. Yesterday was the college fair n it seems like every college is so hard to get into n I hate it. I wanna go to NYU n Fordham soooooooooooo bad but thats NOT gonna happen. On Monday I have to go visit stupid Purchase n I don't even wanna go there. Ughhh.. I'll write later.. bye<3
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2004|07:37 pm]


She is my favorite celebrity EVER.
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2004|07:16 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Crashed on the floor when I moved in
This little bungalow with some strange new friends
Stay up too late, and I'm too thin
We promise each other it's til the end
Now we're spinning empty bottles
It's the five of us
With pretty eyed boys girls die to trust
I can't resist the day
No, I can't resist the day

Jenny screams out and it's no pose
'Cause when she dances she goes and goes
Beer through the nose on an inside joke
I'm so excited, I haven't spoken
And she's so pretty, and she's so sure
Maybe I'm more clever than a girl like her

The summer's all in bloom
The summer is ending soon

It's alright and it's nice not to be so alone
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses

Maybe I'm a little bit over my head
I come undone at the things he said
And he's so funny in his bright red shirt
We were all in love and we all got hurt
I sneak into his car's cracked leather seat
The smell of gasoline in the summer heat
Boy, we're going way too fast
It's all too sweet to last

It's alright
And I put myself in his hands
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses
Love, or something ignites in my veins
And I pray it never fades in white houses

My first time, hard to explain
Rush of blood, oh, and a little bit of pain
On a cloudy day, it's more common than you think
He's my first mistake

Maybe you were all faster than me
We gave each other up so easily
These silly little wounds will never mend
I feel so far from where I've been
So I go, and I will not be back here again

I'm gone as the day is fading on white houses
I lie, put my injuries all in the dust
In my heart is the five of us
In white houses

And you, maybe you'll remember me
What I gave is yours to keep
In white houses


I love that song so much.
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2004|09:19 am]
[*beach-y mood* |frustratedfrustrated]

Ten Things I Did Over The Summer:
1. went to Fire Island twice
2. went to Pennslyvania with Devin
3. went to Cape Cod
4. met Gina and Katie
5. spent a day in Fire Island with Gina and Katie
6. went to Gilgo for the first time
7. worked at Athena
8. took the writing course at Hofstra
9. slept really late
10. went to the beach a lot

NINE Favorite Songs of the Summer
1. any song on the new Taking Back Sunday CD
2. any song on the Ashlee Simpson CD
3. any song on the Switchfoot CD
4. Outrageous - Britney Spears
5. Brand New Girl - Britney Spears
6. Pieces of Me - Ashlee Simpson
7. that old song by Taking Back Sunday.. can't remember the name
8. So Yesterday - Hilary Duff
9. My Band - D-12

EIGHT Places You Ate At
1. my house
2. Devin's house
3. Wendy's
4. Friendlys
5. Athena
6. Brownstones
7. Wah-Wah
8. Bellisimo

SEVEN Things that Annoyed You
1. my brother and sister
2. the weather most of the time
3. people
4. that I didn't get to go away somewhere really cool
5. my parents
6. that I didn't get to go out on the boat
7. me and Devin fighting

SIX Things You Bought
1. So Low sweatpants
2. 3 fishies :-)
3. lots of stuff from the dollar store .. Jenn<3
4. Ashlee Simpson CD
5. Taking Back Sunday CD
6. Fire Island sweatshirt

FIVE Things You Accomplished
1. read a 900 page book
2. went to the Hofstra writing course
3. read The Great Gatsby
4. worked a lot
5. started waitressing

FOUR Movies You Saw
1. Starsky and Hutch
2. The Butterfly Effect
3. The Girl Next Door
4. Scary Movie 2

THREE Things You Wish You Did
1. went to the Bahamas
2. went to Splish Splash
3. went into the city

TWO Things You'll Miss About The Summer
1. the beach
2. um everything.

ONE Thing You LOVED About This Summer
1. Fire Island was AWESOME
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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2004|04:27 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |angryangry]

My internet explorer hasn't been working. My computer is being extremely retarded. I am so sick of this thing. I can't wait till I get my laptop.

School has been okay. As good as it can be I guess. I got Entertainment Editor for the paper, which is what I wanted so thats cool. I asked to be editor-in-chief of the magazine again, but Ms. Policar is such an asshole so I don't know.

Thursday I went to NYC with Michelle n Cara, just the 3 of us. It was fun. We went early, n we went shopping all day, but didn't find much. We felt like celebrities at Rampage n I went to Sephora for the first time n spent $25 on mascara n a little thing of eyeshadow. We got lunch at Cosi's, n walked past NYU, my dream school. We went into SoHo n went into all the expensive stores. It was fun.

I went upstate this weekend with my family to visit my great uncle n aunt. We just got back about an hour ago. It was okay.

I'm in such a bad mood right now like you don't even know. I'm sick of everybody and everything. Apparently I think everyone's beneath me and I'm a snob. Whatever.

I need to get away from EVERYONE for at least a month. Then maybe I'll feel differently about everything in my life, but right now I just feel like everything sucks.
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2004|11:53 am]
[*beach-y mood* |crappycrappy]

Its nothing like my dads stuff, but hey, I can try.

I took some landscape-ish pictures while in Pennslyvania, Cape Cod and Fire Island. I thought I'd show you:

reminds me why I love PennslyvaniaCollapse )
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2004|07:58 pm]
[*beach-y mood* |chipperchipper]

School started. Its not so bad. I have 3 frees this semester, and I'll have 4 next semester.

All my classes are easy, except for AP English. My schedule n comments:

1st period: AP English
2nd period: CO-OP soo easy.. n its only a half year course, so next semester, I get 2nd free
3rd period: free
4th period: Forensics this is like the most interesting class.. besides that, if I pay like $400 I get 3 college credits, or was it six? w/e thats cool
5th period: Studio in Publications i really want a ediotrs position :-(
6th period: Economics first semester/Criminal Justice second semester soo easy
7th period: Health red days/Gym gray days
8th n 9th period: Free I get to go home early

So yeah its not that bad. As you can see my classes are very easy. And getting home at 1 isn't that bad either.

Other than that, nothing has been going on. Tomorrow is Friday, which is always good. Also, I need money, so if your interested, give me some. ;-)

funny funny. we're CFL's haha

AeroDude0: ur school is mad gangsta
AeroDude0: more than any around here
oX LiFes A bEaCh: lol
AeroDude0: u dont like the kids in ur school right
oX LiFes A bEaCh: noo
AeroDude0: werd
AeroDude0: i dont wanna see everyone again 2morrow i hate that there annoying
oX LiFes A bEaCh: yeah i know
oX LiFes A bEaCh: everyone in my school is gay
oX LiFes A bEaCh: there are only a few people who are worth my time
AeroDude0: werd same here
oX LiFes A bEaCh: lol
AeroDude0: well i would of worded it differently
AeroDude0: but i feel the same way lol
AeroDude0: basically im better than everyone
oX LiFes A bEaCh: yeah me too
AeroDude0: and those who i choose to associate with are blessed
oX LiFes A bEaCh: haha

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